Create Developer Account

All of our developer tools require you to create an account, let's do it!


Staging and Production Consoles

We have two distinct developer console environments:
Staging -
Production -

Staging is used to configure projects with smart contracts that are deployed to a testnet. Production is for mainnet smart contracts.

Create your developer account on staging environment

Navigate to and sign in with your email address. You can also use google auth or discord auth to create your account.


Take note of the URL you're on for setting up your test developer account. It should say

Check your email for magic link to complete sign in


Click the blue "Sign in" button in the email you receive from [email protected]

If you chose to authenticate with Discord you'll need to authorize Crossmint


Click the "Authorize" button to complete the sign up.

Complete Registration

Tell us how you heard about Crossmint and agree to the terms of service, then you're all set!


Register Crossmint developer account

The next step will be to set up your first collection. Jump over to the Payments section for guidance on how to make it happen.

What’s Next