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Making NFTs more accessible
Crossmint's mission is to build tools to make NFTs more accessible.

About Crossmint

With Crossmint, NFT creators and platforms can:
A walk-through the Crossmint user experience
Check out a free interactive demo at​

Crossmint Features:

  • Supported blockchains: Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, Avalanche.
  • Price:
    • Credit Card sales and Cross Chain payments: 100% free for NFT sellers, and you get your money instantaneously in SOL / ETH / MATIC as if a customer had purchased with crypto. We charge a convenience fee to the buyer.
    • Whitelabel: custom pricing. Contact [email protected]
    • Minting API: see pricing​
  • Supported contracts:
    • Solana:
      • Candy Machine v1 and v2
      • Auction House
      • Metaplex Instant Sales
      • Custom contracts
    • Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche:
      • ERC721
      • ERC721A
      • ERC1155
      • Thirdweb
  • No lock in:
    • NFTs are stored securely in custodial wallets.
    • Users can export their NFTs to their own external wallet (e.g. Phantom, Metamask, Ledger) for free.
    • NFTs stored on Crossmint can still receive airdrops and any other operations, as if they were on a regular wallet.

Contact Support

If you have any questions you can reach out to our customer support team via [email protected] or join us on Discord. Also, you can visit our FAQs page.

Ready to Get Started?

Choose one of our supported blockchains and add checkout with credit card to your NFT drop in under 5 minutes.
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About Crossmint
Crossmint Features:
Contact Support
Ready to Get Started?