About Crossmint

Add credit card payment support to your NFT project in as little as five lines of code!


Crossmint's mission is to bring NFTs mainstream, by empowering NFT creators, brands, and platforms to build streamlined checkout and payment experiences.

Product suite

All Crossmint APIs require less than 10 lines of code and 15 mins to get a prototype working in devnets.

  • Accept credit card, debit card, and other fiat providers for your NFTs
  • Accept payments in a different cryptocurrency than the one your NFTs are denominated in (Pay for Solana NFT with ETH, etc)
  • Allow users to pre-pay for your NFT Drop, and automatically get their NFT when the sale goes live
  • Create an accesslist page where users can register to get access to your drop

  • Create and airdrop NFTs with a single API call
  • If your users don't have a crypto wallet, you can mint the NFT to an email address and we create the wallet for them

  • Create NFT wallets for your users and allow access to their wallets from your existing system
  • Quickly check the NFTs inside a wallet using an API call
  • Token gate virtual and physical experiences based on NFT ownership

What’s Next

Are you looking for more details about our various developer tools? Check out the features support table next!