Introduction | Payments

Accept any kind of payment for your NFT drop, launchpad or marketplace

Easy NFT Payments

With Crossmint, you can easily add additional payment methods for your NFT drop, beyond native cryptocurrency, so you can bring more users to your project and increase your sales.

Crossmint is totally free for sellers, integrates directly with your existing smart contract, and sends you payments immediately in the same cryptocurrency that your drop / marketplace supports. Getting started takes less than 15 min and 10 lines of code.

See What Is Possible With Crossmint

The best way to understand how our payments tools can elevate your project is to experience them yourself.


Check out a free interactive demo at

Primary Sales (NFT Drop)

We can help add credit card purchasing to your upcoming or live NFT drop in three simple steps and a few lines of code added to your minting website.

  1. Create Developer Account
  2. Register Collection
  3. Fiat Checkout Button

Secondary Sales (Marketplaces)

Crossmint supports payments for secondary sales on NFT Marketplaces also. From high traffic marketplaces like Magic Eden, Hyperspace, or Form Function, to custom / embedded marketplaces for NFT projects and collections.
More info available on the Marketplaces Docs page.


We can also help you add built in Crossmint support for you launchpad, enabling your creators to add credit cards payments at the flick of a switch in your UI.
More info available on the Launchpads page