Test Your Integration
Make sure your integration is working well before releasing your NFT drop into production with the various tools Crossmint provides you for testing purposes.
Crossmint allows you to test your integration before releasing into production for the various blockchains that we support. Read the instructions below to learn more.

Create your Staging Developer Account

To get started, first create a test contract using our Staging Developer Console.
Your primary Crossmint developer account, on and your staging developer account, on are two separate accounts.
Take note of the URL you're on for setting up your test developer account. It should say
You'll get an email that comes from [email protected] with the subject Sign into Click the button and you'll be presented into an empty collection's screen.
Crossmint's sign in email

Obtain your Crossmint Client ID

Afterwards, you'll see the Collection overview page, but you don't have a collection yet. Click on the green New Collection button and create your first collection. Click on the correct blockchain for your NFT drop and fill in all the details.
Crossmint's Create Collection page where you can enter all the details of your contract.
After creating your new collection click on it to reach the individual collection detail page. You'll see your Crossmint Client ID on this page. Copy this one and this is what you'll enter into the clientId attribute on the Crossmint button that you'll set up later.
The Collection detail page with all the details you need for integrating the button into your website.
On this collection detail page you can click on the Integrate tab and you'll see more details about the necessary installation and set up steps to get Crossmint integrated into your website.
The Collection Detail's Integrate tab for more specifics about integrating the button into your website

Modify the Crossmint button for local testing

Ensure that you add the attribute environment="staging" to the Crossmint button so it works when testing.
Here's an example using our React.js Client SDK, but adding the environment attribute works in the same when using our VanillaJS SDK:
If you don't enter the environment="staging" attribute on your button it won't work. Please ensure it's there.
For a more in-depth button integration example, see the Integrate pages for the blockchain that you're building for.

Test the payment flow

When testing, use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242. Use any three-digit CVC and a valid future date, such as 12/34.
You'll know on the test payment flow through a few indicators. First, the URL should read and you'll notice a yellow Test icon next to the Crossmint icon.
Crossmint's Payment Flow Popup

Implement Blockchain-specific testing instructions

Crossmint supports testing on various Devnets and Testnets on different blockchains. Below are the instructions you need for each blockchain to get set up and properly test your NFT drop.
Solana Candy Machines that are set up on Devnet are supported for testing purposes. If you originally created your Candy Machine on Mainnet, make sure you re-create one on Devnet to go through the testing process using Test SOL.
After setting up your Candy Machine on Devnet you can proceed with the remainder of the Integration guide for Candy Machine.
We also wrote an article for you that guides you through the process of setting up your own Candy Machine completed with credit card integration from start to finish if that's a more convenient option.
How to Launch a Solana NFT Collection with Credit Card Support using Candy Machine
Crossmint supports testing on the Mumbai Testnet. If you've already set up your smart contract on Mainnet please create it on Mumbai for smooth testing using test MATIC.
When testing your drop on Mumbai, our recommendation is that you use very low MATIC prices, for example 0.0001.
If you created your Crossmint collection by registering your Mainnet contract address, make sure you recreate it using the Mumbai Testnet contract address. Now you can proceed with the rest of the Polygon integration guide.
Crossmint supports testing on Rinkeby. When you register your Contract Address in the Developer Console it can be a Rinkeby Testnet address.
Our address, 0xdAb1a1854214684acE522439684a145E62505233, is the same for testing on Rinkeby and for production on Mainnet.
After deploying your smart contract Rinkeby, make sure you create a new collection in the Crossmint Staging Developer Console using those details. Now you can proceed with the remainder of the Ethereum Integration guide.
We wrote an article for you that guides you completely step by step through the process. You'll set up an Ethereum NFT collection using ERC721 including Crossmint integration.
How to launch an Ethereum NFT collection with credit card support

Resolve smart contract issues

Note that if there are issues with your smart contract you'll have to fix those issues and then re-compile the smart contact.
Afterwards, go back into the Staging Developer Console and create a collection, re-enter the new contract address, function params, and the ABI for your minting function.
Get your brand new Crossmint Client ID and update the details for the Crossmint button your website.
We're here to help! Reach out to our support team and we're here to assist with any technical issues related to Crossmint integration you might bump into.

See your Testnet NFT on Crossmint

After going completely through the testing flow and testing the payment, visit your Crossmint collection page and see your freshly minted NFT in your account. Make sure you use the same email that you entered in the popup when purchasing the NFT. If everything went smoothly it should now appear in your account.
Crossmint's collection page where you can see your minted NFTs

Getting ready for production

After successfully testing your Crossmint integration and resolving all issues it's now time to get ready for launching on a Mainnet. See our Production Launch Checklist to make sure you're fully prepared for launch.

Can we help?

Our support team is here to help you resolve any Crossmint-related issues that might come up during integration. If you have any questions you can reach out to our customer support team via [email protected] or join us on Discord.
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Create your Staging Developer Account
Obtain your Crossmint Client ID
Modify the Crossmint button for local testing
Test the payment flow
Implement Blockchain-specific testing instructions
Resolve smart contract issues
See your Testnet NFT on Crossmint
Getting ready for production
Can we help?