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If you are a launchpad or platform that hosts NFT sales from other creators, you can do a single integration which will allow all your sellers to choose to use Crossmint, without having to require any manual action from your end.
This guide is for no-code / automated launchpads. If your Launchpad is manually setting up a mint for a user please use our normal integration guides. Alternatively, contact us so we can help you set up a custom page.
To do so, we provide a CrossmintStatusButton component that allows sellers to directly initiate a review with us, to have their sales approved to use Crossmint. No need for you to be involved.
This component would typically be placed in an admin panel or dashboard that you provide to your sellers.


The integration consists of three parts:
  1. 1.
    You generate a UUID for each project in your platform, and make sure to store it in your database of projects or wherever you keep track of them.
  2. 2.
    You place the CrossmintStatusButton in your admin page / dashboard, so that developers know they can click it to request credit card payments
  3. 3.
    Place the CrossmintPayButton on the minting website, using the same clientId generated in the first point, and setting the parameter hideOnInvalid=true, so the button only shows for projects which have been approved

Generating UUID

This is the unique ID that Crossmint will use for identifying each project. It should be generated once per collection (e.g. per ERC721 or Candy Machine) when creating the store. It will not change.
In order to generate it, you can use our `generateClientId` method:
import { generateClientId } from "@crossmint/client-sdk-base";
const newClientId = generateClientId();
You can also generate your UUID in a random online generator. Whatever suits you better
Remember to store it in your end so you can use it in the following steps.

Use CrossmintStatusButton in your admin page

Place CrossmintStatusButton in an admin page or dashboard that you provide to your sellers.
// Add this import line at the top
import { CrossmintStatusButton } from "@crossmint/client-sdk-react-ui";
export default function SellerDashboard() {
return (
mintConfig={{ candyMachineId: <YOUR_CANDY_MACHINE_ID> }}
The platformId value would have been to you by the Crossmint team. Else, reach out to [email protected] to get one.
For ETH, Polygon or non Candy Machine solana integrations, the crossmint team will provide you the mintConfig prop contents.

Different states of the button

Depending on the state of your user application, the button will show a different text to the user (NFT seller):
Invalid clientId
The client id provided in the clientId prop is incorrect.
Make sure the client id entered has the following format: XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX.
Click here to setup Crossmint
User has not setup the project in Crossmint.
When the user clicks on the button the browser will open our site in a new tab where to setup the project.
Your application is under review
User has setup the project and our team is reviewing it.
Project will be reviewed in less than 24hrs.
You're good to go!
The project has been approved.
You are ready to use Crossmint on your project.
Your application was rejected
The project has been rejected.
Please contact support for further information.

Use CrossmintPayButton in your minting page

Follow the instructions below to add the button to pay with card in the minting website:
You may want to hide the button on the minting page for sellers which have decided not to use Crossmint, or who haven't yet been approved by us. To do so, set the prop hideMintOnInactiveClient: true on the CrossmintPayButton

Customizing the appearance

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Generating UUID
Use CrossmintStatusButton in your admin page
Use CrossmintPayButton in your minting page
Customizing the appearance